CERTIFICATE IN SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE – To access this program you must register and provide a valid student ID

Chrichlow Labour College – CAES        

Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture – Year Modular

Compulsory Modules – 6

  1. Agriculture Mathematics
  2. Introduction in Agriculture Communication
  3. Soil management and water conservation
  4. Agriculture chemistry and Biochemistry
  5. Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture
  6. Attachment study Report

Optional Modules – 10

  1. Agriculture Marketing, Trade and Policies
  2. Agri- Business Development and Management
  3. Seeds, Seedily Development and Management
  4. Sustainable Livestock Production-Ruminant Livestock
  5. Climate Smart Agriculture Technology
  6. Crops Production technology/ Technique – Field Crop
  7. Sustainable livestock production- Poultry
  8. Crops Production Fruits and Vegetable
  9. Urban Agriculture
  10. Farm Mechanization
  11. Post-Harvest Handling of fruits and Vegetables
  12. ICT and E Agriculture
  13. Technology Transfer In the Agriculture Sector
  14. Sustainable Rural Development

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