Mission Statement

“To discover, integrate, translate, and disseminate knowledge to enhance social, business and agricultural systems through natural resources and environmental stewardship, and economic and social well-being, thereby improving the lives of people in Guyana and the Caribbean”

Vision Statement

“Moulding minds for effective service to the society and development”

Core Values

  • Passionately pursuing excellence and innovation across all functions, using a team approach for solving complex problems to serve the common good.
  • Fostering diversity, multicultural understanding, cross cultural competency, and an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • Demonstrating integrity, honesty, openness, shared responsibility, and mutual accountability.
  • Engaging students and stakeholders through listening, experiential learning, and problem solving.
  • Stewarding resources responsibly and sustainably.
  • Nurturing personal and professional growth and development.


  • To provide training and education for all at the tertiary level at an affordable price and in an environment conducive to learning.
  • To build an institution widely recognised, at a regional, national and international level, as a world leader in research and teaching
  • To conduct research across all academic departments which makes a significant contribution to the extension of human knowledge and understanding
  • Through our teaching and research programmes to equip our graduates with the necessary education and skills to make a significant contribution to the economy and to society as a whole
  • To recruit students and staff with outstanding potential and to provide the best support and facilities to foster teaching, learning and research of the highest quality
  • To serve our local and regional communities through the provision of excellent teaching, training, cultural and employment opportunities
  • To exploit opportunities for collaboration and partnership with other HEIs, educational institutions, commercial and non-commercial partners
  • To strengthen and diversify our activities in the fields of industrial and business liaison, innovation, exploitation and entrepreneurialism, thereby supporting economic growth and regeneration
  • To continue our policy of making a high quality and challenging College education available to all those who are capable of benefiting from it, regardless of economic or social circumstances.

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