Critchlow Labour College returns to Linden

 new programmes being offered
Following several years of absence from Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara- Berbice), the Critchlow Labour College was re-launched in the community with offers of newer and more diversified educational opportunities for students. The re-launching exercise took place at the Linden Enterprise Network (LEN) in the presence of numerous officials and residents. Among those present were Member of Parliament (MP) Audwin Rutherford, Trade Unionist Lincoln Lewis, and Regional Vice Chairman Elroy Adolph, among numerous others.

A section of the gathering at the opening of the Critchlow Labour College, Linden

In delivering the feature presentation, MP Rutherford said the institution’s role in
making students job-ready and also assisting them in matriculation is very important, as he pointed to the scores of persons who have benefited over the years, noting that the country would forever be grateful to the institution.
The MP encouraged all to make best use of the services offered, while he stressed the need for an Organisation of Tertiary Education Providers in Guyana, and urged the institution to fill this gap. “I think it’s timely that we provide skills for the oil and gas industry,” he posited.
In addition, Rutherford said the institution must also understand the present shortcomings of employees, and must fashion its programmes according to challenges which Guyana faces, as well as to seek collaboration with non-governmental organisations (NGO) and community development councils. He said Critchlow Labour College must also assist students in becoming entrepreneurs, in addition to equipping them to become job ready.
In his remarks, the Principal, Ivor English, noted that it is significant that the event took place at a time when the institution is preparing to observe its 50th anniversary. He expressed how proud he felt to be part of that history. He said the intention is not only to focus on the social sciences area, but to have an active programme in agriculture.
The Principal outlined that the flagship course continues to be the industrial and social studies programme, and that it will be commencing with that programme, since it allows persons access into the University of Guyana and Teachers College.
English noted that programmes such as Social Work, Caring for the Elderly, Child Care, Sociology, Psychology and English are presently being offered, in addition to Certificate courses in Further Access to Education.
The Principal said Texila University has found its footing out of that institution, and noted that the institution has developed a syllabus for Master’s Degree in Food Security, which will be launched in collaboration with Texila American University. Additionally, he said the institution has a synergy with the MatPal Maritime Training Institute.
New Programmes (1 year) include Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture, Certified in Sustainable Forestry, Certificate in Fisheries and Agriculture, and Certificate in Sustainable Mining.
According to the Principal, the institution, which will operate out of the Linden Technical Institute, is awaiting a minimum of 30 students before commencing.

(Guyana Times)

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