CERTIFICATE IN SUSTAINABLE MINING – To access this program you must register and provide a valid student ID

Chrichlow Labour College – CAES        

Certificate in Sustainable Mining – 1 Year Modular

Compulsory Modules – 6

  1. Mathematics for Sustainable Mining
  2. Introduction in to Communication in the Mining Sector
  3. Introduction to Sustainable Mining
  4. Relationship with Artisanal Miners
  5. Health and Safety in the Mining Sector
  6. Attachment study Report

Optional Modules – 10

  1. Poverty and Human Rights
  2. Indigenous People and Cultural Heritage
  3. Gender Equality and Sustainable Development
  4. Land and Water Management
  5. Biodiversity and Climate Change
  6. Pollution and Waste Management
  7. Growth, Revenue Management and Distribution
  8. Mining Laws and Regulations
  9. Environmental Impact Assessments
  10. Environmental Management Plans
  11. GIS and Remote Sensing for the Mining Sector
  12. Technology Transfer In the Mining Sector
  13. Sustainable Best Practices in the Mining Sector

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